Maintenance Tips You Can Get your Home During Summer

So, the summer season is coming. Are you ready? More like, is your home ready?

Summer it the time for sticky skin and hair, parched lips, dry throat, and more. Just as you are feeling uncomfortable, your home can be too. Sometimes even worse. Summer is actually a great time to clean and maintain your home since the weather is agreeable. Here are some maintenance tips you can get your humble abode.

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1. Get the AC ready

This is the first on the list because what else can be? Well, other things can be but preparing the AC even ahead of time is extremely important. Imagine having an AC that’s not working properly and the weather is scorching hot. It’s not really a good picture. It is always wise to have it checked during summer or hot days, and better during the near-end of spring. Call for professional maintenance or repair experts like Spring Hill AC repair and get your AC functioning properly before the heat gets unbearable.

2. Check your ceiling fans if you have them

Ceiling fans are a great way to circulate the air inside the house or draw fresh air in if your windows are open. Check to see if they are balanced and not look like they’re about to fall. Also, dust off the blades before operating them so you can contain the dust instead of scattering it. You can use a microfiber cloth and ladder, but that would be dangerous. It is better to use a cleaning extender with a cleaning cloth to dust off the blades.

3. Have the chimney cleaned

As mentioned, summertime is a great time to clean around the house particularly the chimney. Yes, you won’t be using it for the next couple of months, but that’s precisely why you should have it cleaned. Dirt, build-up, and carbon monoxide can accumulate or might already have. Having a clean chimney ahead of time will save you the worries when winter comes.

4. Don’t forget the drains in your bathroom

Your drains are directly connected to the drainage system of the whole house. Having them cleaned and maintained will prevent them from getting clogged. Clogged drains are a big pain in the head. Imagine having to take a shower with the water not draining down. If that happens, you’ll have the quickest shower of your life.

5. Check the basement and attic

The basement can house other residents and so can the attic. Check for pests like rats or other creepy crawlers. Mold and mildew could also grow there so make sure you check for those as well. Check for the same thing in the attic in addition to damages in the roof. The attic is the closest thing to the roof and can turn into an oven in the summer. Make sure you have proper ventilation in the attic because its temperature can affect that of the other rooms down below and of the whole house.

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