Biggest Red Flags to Look Out for When Hiring a Roofing Contractor

The roofing industry is one of the industries that receive many calls a day. It is one of the reasons why most people want to invest in this field. However, they do not know that this job is dangerous and life-risking.  

 Most of us do not want to have a roofing system that is not in good condition. We do not want to prepare basins and buckets during rainy days because of water leaks. We want to ensure that our loved ones are safe when typhoons and heavy rain hit our place. Therefore, we should never disregard roof inspections and maintenance. However, those things are never easy for us homeowners who have tight schedules at work. We do not have time to find the source of the leaks or the spot where damages occur. But, we have the best and safest option for our roof. And that is to hire NWA roofing pros. They are passionate about giving services that will guarantee safety and durability. Aside from that, their company does not have red flags that you should look out for during the entire project. Rest assured that they will not waste your time, money, and effort. So, do not hesitate to contact them and visit your website if your roofing system needs help! 

Since we have mentioned above the red flags in hiring roofing contractors, let us learn more about it. We could not deny that some people have dirty intentions in working for us, and we should never give them chances to harm us. Here are the red flags to look for when hiring a roofing contractor: 

  1. When we live in a place where hurricanes, typhoons, and storms mostly happen, we can encounter roofers that are storm chasers. Storm chasers are those people that will repair and replace your roof during and after the storm. However, they do not live in the same place as yours. They are from distant places, and all they need is your money. You cannot run after them for the warranty if damages occur on your roof.  
  2. If you want to hire professional roofers, see to it that they can provide references and portfolios. Professional roofers will be proud of showing their past projects. And if they cannot provide you references, it means they do not have a good past. It will be an alarm to you to never trust them. 
  3. Roofing contractors who ask for money and down payments are also considered red flags. Once they got your money, the chances are high that they will not return to finish the job. Always remember not to give your money beforehand. 
  4. We could not deny that roofing projects require lots of money. As home and property owners, we should decide if we want to start and continue the project. But, if we hire professional roofers for the roofing repairs and pressure us to conduct replacement and go further, avoid them. We should avoid pressure, especially when we do not have enough money to do so. 
  5. We should never hire roofers that offer unjustifiable bids. We should have professional roofers that will make a fair and equal contract.  

How to Deal with Towing After a Car Accident 

Wish we could avail one (even just once) but there are no free passes when it comes to car accidents. They can happen to me, you, all of us. This is one hell of a heavy stress. Imagine this: you’re in great shock; there’s a long queue of traffic behind; and you just one to get out of this mess. I’m sure you’d want to be saved by a tow truck. Any tow truck driver that would come to rescue you would appear to be legitimate and honest in your judging, to the point that you would praise her/him with all you might. But in this day and age, carnapping by these towers is a possible predicament. This is a warning we all should acknowledge. In the face of great distress, what are the necessary steps to do in dealing with towers like Daly City Towing service at the aftermath of a car accident? 


  1. Contact your insurance provider.

Let your rationality prevail by calling your insurer.  Refrain from signing any document coming from the towers. In many cases, you’ll be requested to sign forms regulated by the government. Signing documents from questionable towing services seem to be tempting as it will help you get out of the crash situation. But I tell you, they will take advantage of your weak disposition and will utilize every resource they have to rob your money. The only guys that care about your welfare are your insurers. They have the capacity to arrange a tow and at the same time they will be able to explain expectations from this arrangement. 


  1. Read tower’s fine print. 

This might be excruciating to do as you’re tending to your cuts and bruises, but your participation to read towing authority form/fine print is deemed necessary. This document should be able to cover standard practices of handling car accidents detail-by-detail. Ideally, you should be assisted by your insurers. Towing service professionals should be able to explain to you and your insurers terms and conditions present on the towing authority form. Use your judgment and consult your insurers if a part of the form or perhaps the whole form is suspicious.       

After signing, the towers should be able to present your copy of the fine print for reference.    


  1. Know your options 

Take your time in understanding the options that will be laid by the tow truck service guys. Included in the options is your car getting towed to your home. This means no storage fees. More importantly, this means giving you ample amount of time to clear your head first. You’ll definitely be paying twice for this option, but the opportunity to have a clear head for what to do next will be advantageous on your end. 


Proper assistance in towing shall be dealt with head on presence of mind. Again, this might be a challenge on your end but what might be a car crash aftermath interrogation of 5 minutes will actually turn into 5 years of suffering if you’ll not be mindful in contacting your insurance provider, in reading tower’s fine print, and in knowing your options. Be in the now and know you where you stand as a towing recipient in the case of car crash.